Wayo Dorsey

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Wayo Dorsey

Real Estate Professional

A native Houstonian, Wayo Dorsey’s life has been immersed in real estate since birth. His father is a highly respected luxury homebuilder and his mother a well-known interior designer. This background has given him immeasurable experience relating to all aspects of the real estate industry. While attending Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, his entrepreneurial spirit surfaced at age 20 when he began his own brokerage firm to sell homes to the parents of TCU students. He presented these investments to offset the steep rentals that plagued the market. He also entered the development end of the business while in Fort Worth, and began uniting contiguous tracts of land, changing zoning and providing 100 beds in various rental properties to his fellow students. This “out of the box” philosophy has yielded Wayo a broad experience base allowing him to view many potentially different sides of any real estate deal.

Acquiring expertise from his talented parents, Wayo also has experience in the building and remodeling of homes, giving him an intimate understanding of their structures and systems. Embracing his “out of the box” approach, Wayo works backwards, in a sense, with buyers as he focuses on where they want to locate, how things may possibly change in the future, and helping them reverse engineer the most value both economically and personally. Wayo has this to say when asked what his sellers can expect from him, “The most important aspect of choosing someone to represent your home is a clear understanding that a home is a story. I can communicate that story accurately, effectively and in a relatable manner so that the buyer can see “their” story continuing therein. This aspect is especially important to me and combining that with a thorough understanding of building, I will learn every single square inch of the home to ensure that I can compellingly relate every aspect of that story effectively.”

Wayo believes consistency, dependability, diligence and drive are essential to a stellar work ethic. A proud Mexican-American with dual citizenships, he employs his bilingual Spanish/English skills when the need presents itself as he is capable of negotiating in Spanish and dealing with out-of-country parties. He is more than aware of the need to stay current on the latest market trends and is proud to be associated with Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty, understanding the importance of being supported by the all-encompassing high-tech Sotheby’s brand.

Wayo currently volunteers as a teacher of the traditional Latin Mass liturgy, altar serving and religion to 7-18 year olds at Regina Caeli Parish. He has also worked as youth minister and been involved with the Unsheltered Homeless where he tries to move them along a “spectrum” from abject homelessness to fully integrated, sheltered and functioning member of society. More of a “teach how to fish” than “give them a fish” philosophy.

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