Valerie Leis

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Valerie Leis

Associate Real Estate Broker

The purchase and sale of any property is a complicated, often lengthy and sometimes costly process. The skills involved to make it work for all the concerned parties do not come by osmosis or even class room training. They require experience, intelligence and that old stand-by common sense. Real estate transactions, when they work, are not adversarial but produce results that all involved parties can get behind. This is despite the market climate - buyers' market or sellers' market. As a broker working almost exclusively by referral, and who has been in the business for many years, I've experienced all kinds of markets and have negotiated through all of them by being tough, realistic and caring all at the same time. Transactions that hold together are those with committed as well as qualified parties. All of us!.

The best real estate professionals bring a broad range of education and experience to homeowners, sellers and buyers. Mine is a meld of business, the sciences and arts, incorporating the best of all these worlds. As a scientist (rather a while ago) I learned the importance of every single detail, as a student and active participant in the arts, I understand how valuable creativity is and business well, it's about the numbers, the finances and most especially customer service. A picture-perfect real estate experience includes all of these in significant measure. Formally and informally, with college degrees and with business coaching, I have studied and continue to study WAYS TO MAKE MY CLIENTS HAPPY.

My family and I live in a vibrant and involved community an easy commute from exciting, vibrant New York City. Much of my excess energy, of which there is a surprising amount, is devoted to community affairs - highly active roles in the arts including the Croton Arts Council and the Croton on Hudson Board of the Visual Environment (by appointment of the mayor.) .

My range of service far exceeds the boundaries of the small Croton on Hudson Village to include northern Westchester, the Hudson river towns north of the city of Yonkers, and Putnam County with occasional successful forays into Dutchess County and even the Bronx. Basically, I go where my clients need for me to go.

Creating effective marketing in outreaching communities requires understanding what an individual property has to offer and to whom it will appeal. The uniqueness of my marketing materials featuring beautifully rendered watercolors of the property along with the tremendous reach of Sotheby's International Realty and the internet, breaks down old geographic boundaries engendering new opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

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