Shayna Andrews

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Shayna Andrews

Real Estate Professional

Relationship-building has been the cornerstone of Shayna Andrews’30+ year career. She is approachable, open, and honest. A native Houstonian, she has owned her own general contracting business andworked in new home sales for a large developer. This experience afforded her a growing list of trustworthy vendors and contacts that she readily shares with her clients. Shayna has an eye for detail andunderstands the psychology of purchasing or selling a home. She is keen on gaining insight into the emotional needs of individuals so that she isbetterequipped tofulfilltheir wishes.

Born to work-a-holic parents who instilled the strongest work ethic ever, work is fun for Shayna,who is reachable and happy to help at any time. Considering her clients an extension of her family, business is interlaced with her personal life even when it involves travel. She has written contracts on the continents of Asia, Europe, NorthAmerica,and South America. Listening to what a buyer is looking for in a new home, understanding both the likes and dislikes regarding their current situation, and fully grasping the motivation and underlying reasons for the move is key to successfully finding an ideal new home.

Shayna embraces total dedication and commitment to effectively marketing her listings to yield the highest price possible. Her design experience allows her to make recommendations for easy and effective updates, furniture placement and/or removal, and arrangement of personal items so that the home is approachable to all prospective buyers. Moving frequently in her youth, Shayna believes that finding a new home or building one can be quite easy. She considers it a fun process and has a passion for paving the way for her clients to have the same experience.

After attending The Kinkaid School from first grade through twelfth, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from Southern Methodist University. With her two daughters away at college, when she’s not working, Shayna enjoys riding bikes, practicing yoga, swimming, needlepointing, and loving on her fur babies. An active member of Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism, her newest hobby is learning to play Mah Jongg.

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