Rich Lello

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Rich Lello

Real Estate Professional

My background in selling and supporting technical and complex products for over 20 years affords me the ability to understand the need for attention to detail. My experience maintaining client relationships directly relates to the real estate industry. I have obtained not only a knowledge of how to serve my customers, but more importantly, the expertise of serving them with high standards.

Heritage House Sotheby's International Realty has innovative on-line marketing tools, presence and reach. This, combined with my experience identifying opportunities and brokering arrangements between clients and fortune 1000 organizations will help me serve my clients.

With almost 40 years of living in Monmouth County under my belt, I am familiar with the Middletown school systems. I personally have gone through the Middletown school system myself and I have children currently in school. I also attended a university in Monmouth County. I am very familiar with Middletown and the Jersey Shore in general. I am vested in this beautiful area and want to share my love of this part of New Jersey with you. Together we will find a home perfect for you.

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