Michael Maze

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Michael Maze

Lic.# 02099417

Michael Maze's real estate career started in 2015 when he began working as an assistant in Palo Alto. By 2019, he was a fully licensed agent and taking on his own clients.

Michael loves working with buyers. An expert in consumer psychology with a background in luxury retail, he is especially adept at helping buyers find things they might not even be aware they're looking for. His knack for matching homes to people is a huge value to his clients.

That knack extends to identifying opportunities for new development – Michael has a particular interest in new construction and helping developers identify and capitalize on opportunities up and down the San Francisco Peninsula.

Michael grew up in Silicon Valley and is fond of the possibilities offered by the region – there is always something new and exciting on the horizon. A natural go-getter and a creative at heart, Michael loves all things fashion and is especially interested in art – primarily paintings and sculptures. Beyond his creative outlets, Michael likes listening to music, practicing yoga, and spending time with his younger sister.

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