Michael Kelczewski

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Michael Kelczewski

Real Estate Professional

Michael Kelczewski is licensed realtor in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware,Maryland and Washington D.C, he has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, an eye for art and expertise in digital marketing. All of these qualities, along with ambitious business goals, have shaped his real-estate career. Licensed since 2013, he has sold millions of dollars of properties across four states. Kelczewski pursued entrepreneurial endeavors at a young age. His tenaciousness and high energy have helped him persevere: Just six months after his first professional job in 2008, the stock market crashed. After steering through the economic downturn, he transitioned to real estate, where he has set the bar high with his sales and client relationships. Michael was one of the first agents in the greater Philadelphia area to offer a home for sale where the buyer could pay in cryptocurrency. He also has pursued real-estate investments and is an excellent resource for buyers who wish to invest in up-and-coming neighborhoods. Off hours, he enjoys surfing, traveling, art and horticulture, and he consults in digital marketing.

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