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listModern is the real estate team devoted to modern homes. Too often, modern listings languish with neighborhood-centric marketing and simultaneous absence of the understanding and appreciation required to successfully convey the qualities of that home to the contemporary buyer. listModern elevates architecturally conscious homes from the ubiquitous, applying an educated approach with experienced targeting to enthusiastically promote their listings. They provide unparalleled exposure to the most likely buyers, both domestic and international.

Since 2010, listModern has represented homes designed by the area's leading architects in the modern vocabulary. Through these opportunities, they have become uniquely familiar with various styles, trademark design elements, and the intentions of an architect intentionally designing a home to complement the site, elements, and quality of life for the homeowner. Through mutual respect and admiration, listModern has built a rapport with leading architects within the Washington DC region.

This is their passion; this is their niche.


"listModern's devotion to modern architecture is evident. This is reflected in their efforts and the energy that they dedicates to all of their clients and the modern properties they represent"

— Robert Gurney, FAIA

"Ron Mangas and listModern have proven over and over that the Washington DC area is a strong market for good modern design"

— Mark McInturff, FAIA

"Collaborating for years with listModern in the finding and promoting of the modern architectural spirit has been a joy and a great asset to my work..".

— Travis Price, FAIA

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