Katherine Hsu

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Katherine Hsu

Real Estate Professional

Katherine’s father established his own international trading firm in early 50’s and frequently travelled to many different countries for business trips. Her father expected his children to grow up with a broader international view, so she had the opportunity to have Western education as a teenager. After graduating from Taipei American School, she went to Sophia University in Tokyo. She joined Nikko Securities after graduating from Sophia University. After working in the financial industry, she transferred her career to international trading, and established a trading company in 1995, with trades covering Japan, USA, and Greater China Area. Having lived in Tokyo for 20 years then moved to Los Angeles and joined real-estate business, she had been in real estate market in LA for a long period of time so had chances to encounter clients from many different cultures. With her profound Chinese culture influenced background, and once lived in Tokyo and LA, she is able to understand multinational cultures. Katherine will always hold the spirits of perfectionism, to stand on clients view and serve to accomplish different expectations, and meet the needs of each client with sincerity and professionalism.

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