John Seiverd

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John Seiverd

Global Real Estate Advisor

In the competitive world of real estate what makes one representative stand out above the rest? The answer is easy: integrity, communication, hard work, negotiation skills, knowledge, trust, and faith. John M. Seiverd, husband to Carol, father to Ally (12) and Charlie (10), possesses all the skills necessary to satisfy the most demanding buyers and to please the selective sellers. As a child, John spent his summers in Longport where he worked as a fishing mate for 5 years on the Challenger Fleet in Ocean City. John waited on 70 customers a trip, three times a day for 7 days a week. This is where he learned toughness, work ethic, communication, and customer service. After graduating from Penn State, John acquired a job in the family commercial collection business and was voted Employee of the Year twice and Salesman of the Year three times in the first 5 years. He was then promoted to Vice-President of Operation in 1996 and by 2000 had turned a small local collection firm into a national market leader. Managing a staff of 80 plus in a tough industry is where John gained his most valuable skills and the ones that will help you the most: intuitive negotiation skills, business knowledge, follow-up, and trust. John admits that over the years there have been some challenges; however, owning a successful business, raising a family, and life lessons have taught him the most valuable skill: faith. John's faith in God, life, people, and society has given him strength to go farther and work harder than most. When most people give up, John keeps going with a smile and a story at hand.

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