Erin Rose

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Erin Rose

Real Estate Professional

Erin Rose is a committed and dedicated professional with a savvy business sense and a sharp eye for smart investments. She has built her reputation on trust, integrity, and straightforward communication. She is genuinely passionate about the quality of service she provides to her clients and focuses her attention on exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust, friendship, referrals, and business for life. Erin places a heavy emphasis on fully knowing and understanding the vast variety of choices available in regards to available properties, financing, and alternative exchange and lending possibilities. As a Realtor, she clearly understands the necessity for an agent to be more than a niche broker, but an extensively educated neighborhood expert with both a broad and deep understanding of the marketplace. Her personal passion is real estate investment planning and helping people prepare for their abundant futures through the unlimited opportunities that property ownership provides. Erin was born in Monterey California where she lived with her parents and two older brothers until third grade when they moved to Colorado. She was raised in the K-12 Waldorf School system and attributes her creativity, imaginative problem-solving skills, out-of-the-box thinking, and artistic eye to the time she spent in the classroom. It was during these formative years that Erin's developed a passion and flair for the stage, which she humorously still uses to her client's advantage during tough negotiations. She followed her interest in the arts by pursuing a degree in Performance and Music Business at the Berklee College of Music in Boston where she graduated in 2006. During one summer there, she obtained her first real estate job at a Corcoran Jennison Leasing Development and fell in love with the career. Upon her return to Colorado in 2007, she immediately got her real estate license and started helping her family invest in developing a property portfolio. Thanks in part to the turmoil of the economy at that time, Erin's desire to excel propelled her to refine her marketing skills. Knowing it would competitively set her apart as a listing agent, she went on to obtain her Master's in Marketing from the University of Colorado in 2016 (where she returned as an adjunct Professor of Marketing only a year later). Over the course of her 15 year+ career as an agent, Erin has fought for her clients in every kind of market environment and has persevered towards excellence and the positive and trust-worthy reputation that she upholds today. "In all that I do, I am conscious of the fact that there are several agents you could choose to represent you or refer and it is my privilege to honor our relationship by providing you only with the best service possible."

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