Don Blocka

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Don Blocka

Real Estate Professional

Licensed in both BC (Kelowna) and Alberta (Calgary)
The expertise to direct a high-end real estate transaction without missing a beat is immense. Orchestrating a symphony of variables, a luxury realtor must be a master conductor - fully in command of every nuance so that the audience (be it buyer or seller) is never disappointed. Because while missing a note in a musical symphony can be a disappointment - missing one in a transaction is disastrous.
That's why for large, sensitive or otherwise complex real estate transactions Sotheby's International Realty Canada endorses Don and Marianna Kindrachuk-Blocka.
Unlike other brokerage teams that might simply share office expenses, Don & Marianna (married in business and in life) work on every client together.
The result is a dramatically improved service offering that is not only smooth and efficient - but maximizes value for Sotheby's International Realty Canada discerning clientele.
A master problem-solver and negotiator, Don Blocka has 35+ years of experience honed in the technology trenches. Working at companies like Xerox, HP, IBM and Enmax, Don served in various positions from award-winning Sales Representative to Business Development, Management and finally Director.
Rounding out this skill-set, Don's better half Marianna, brings refined sensibility, empathy and entrepreneurial savvy to the team. A former junior hockey part owner, Marianna also owned her own retail home decor store and was an interior design artisan before transitioning to award winning realtor.
Don & Marianna Blocka - your dynamic duo for singularly spectacular results.

Team Alberta -
was formed to leverage the marketing thrust of Sotheby’s eye onto the Okanagan landscape drawing upon the skill sets of Don licensed in both Alberta and BC, Marianna licensed in Alberta providing for the administrative and marketing continuity. It is our intention to exploit Sotheby’s marketing clout for our clients from the vantage point of both Alberta and BC.
Don – honed in business development, experienced in negotiations, sensitive to realities, balanced in approach, motivated to win; can be said Don is an analytical thinker fully abreast of all nuances around the conversation.
Marianna – partner in business and in life, keen eye for artistic detail, practiced in real estate, heartfelt passion to get it done right, with captivating exuberance to earn your respect.

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