Dominic Garcia

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Dominic Garcia

Real Estate Professional

Dominic Garcia is originally from Austin, Texas. Having experienced first-hand Austin’s stratospheric growth during the 1990s and early 2000s, Dominic understands the best of both quiet countryside and big city lifestyles. Professionally, Dominic’s extensive sales career spans 25-plus years and includes high-tech, retail product, and real estate sales. His easy-going Texas grassroots nature, when combined with adept interpersonal communication skills and impeccable attention to detail, has helped him excel in the fast-paced real estate market of Chicagoland.

RENTAL: Dominic started his career in rental representation with tenants and landlords. As the years have gone by Dominic has been either involved or overseen rentals in upwards of 500 homes. Over the years Dom jokes that he has been in almost every high-rise in downtown Chicago and can speak off the cuff about the building whether it has a doorman, pool, balcony, or laundry. Dominic is currently spearheading a project at TWO/WEST in Gold Coast with a full property rental listing of over 150 units. Dom specializes in assisting investors with marketing their rental homes for the right price and is on top of the market trends to ensure the best results.

SALES: Dom is very grateful for his clients over the last decade. They are the main reason he can maintain his business in Chicago. His focus on real estate has always been based on assisting his renters, their friends, and families to take the next step to their future goals in real estate. Dom works to ensure that each purchase is done with attention to the process and his fantastic negotiation skills really lend to working with all the facets of a purchase. Dom has said, “It isn’t always about the money, we can work with other non-monetary items to make this happen.” Dom has been very successful and continues to grow every year with more knowledge and always listens and learns. “Life isn’t about being perfect, it is about changing and adapting to the situation.”

LISTING: Dom has had great success with listings based on the knowledge and attention to trends. He works to ensure the shortest time on the market with accurate pricing that comes from data, research, knowledge of the city, neighborhood trends, growth patterns, and desirability of suburb areas. The main factors in listing a home are the price, finishes, and location. He knows how to evaluate your home and advise whether to renovate or sell in the current condition. When listing a home, he factors all the non-emotional items into the discussion to present the proper price to sell. The best part of listing with Dom is that his client base is large, and they are always looking for homes to move from rentals over the years.

Dominic poses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to rental properties in Chicago. His innate understanding of the ins-and-outs of property management not only saves his clients valuable time but enables him to focus on the best attributes of each individual property, which makes finding a rental home a truly seamless process. Dominic has rented to thousands of people over the span of his career and can readily provide both professional and personal references for his work quality.

Give Dominic a call or email him today. He delivers success…providing his clients with a real CHICAGO experience and enabling them to live a lifestyle that is second to none.

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