Dana Cruz

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Dana Cruz

Real Estate Professional

With nearly two decades of experience in the real estate industry since 2004, I've built a distinguished reputation based on a blend of market expertise, adept negotiating skills, modern marketing and sales prowess, and a vast network both locally and globally. While these professional competencies are vital, they merely paint half the picture. Seasoned realtors understand that exceptional communication skills are equally essential. Beyond industry knowledge, I prioritize establishing a genuine connection with you, whether you're selling your home or seeking your dream home and community. My foremost goal is to comprehend your priorities, concerns, hopes, and dreams through active and attentive listening. Knowing what matters most to you transforms me from a trusted advisor into a fierce advocate, dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for you. In every client relationship, I strive to surpass expectations by delivering unmatched personalized customer service. This service-oriented approach was ingrained in me early in my career, honed while working in fundraising, PR, and marketing within the nonprofit sector. Community service is deeply rooted in my values, seamlessly aligning with my role as a professional realtor. My ultimate satisfaction lies in helping others reach their objectives. I'm committed to more than just transactions; I'm devoted to serving and supporting our community, including you. I invite you to explore our website, peruse our latest listings, engage with our blog, and learn from the testimonials of our satisfied clients. When you're ready, let's connect and embark on your next journey. On a personal note....a little bit more about me: I hail from Bombay, India, and proudly hold an alumni status from Virginia Tech. Currently residing in Bethesda with my husband and four wonderful children, I balance my passion for real estate with other interests. An avid runner, voracious reader, and amateur gardener and baker, my family and I actively participate in local races, dedicate our time to community volunteering, particularly in shelters, and relish beach vacations together.

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