Courtney Houghton

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Courtney Houghton

Real Estate Professional

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Courtney Houghton, through her previous careers, has honed the many skills necessary to be a trusted partner and valuable asset to her buyers, sellers and investors in real estate transactions. She brings a wealth of experience in the world of luxury to her clients as a licensed Real Estate Sales Person at Sotheby’s International Realty.

As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, she developed an understanding of beautifully executed interior design, fine furnishings, classical architecture—and yes, fashion. She interned with fashion designers Vera Wang and Luca Luca. She also worked for the Director of Special Events at Vogue Magazine in product development.

Courtney began her professional career as a press liaison and assistant to a supermodel and her high-profile real estate mogul husband who has published many books on brokering some of the largest deals in real estate. Being a part of incredibly high-stress negotiations taught Courtney how to negotiate in the hot seat and allowed her to hone the necessary skills to fiercely protect her clients while maximizing their competitive advantage to ensure each deal closes. Her experience in New York City gave her a sphere of influence and global reach which equips her to effectively connect sellers with buyers and with buyers who are relocating to Greenwich from New York, Europe, and Asia.

As a Greenwich resident of 15 years, a successful private real estate investor, landlord, and mother of three young children who have been through a total of six schools in Greenwich so far, she has an intimate knowledge of Greenwich and offers newcomers an insider’s view of what each neighborhood, club, and school have to offer.

Her educated eye and refined taste help Courtney ensure that her clients’ homes are photography and show ready. She believes the best presentation is necessary to command the highest price in the Greenwich real estate market at every price point. Full-service and strategy driven, she closed her first sale in four months by pivoting her marketing strategy to match the feedback of each showing and open house.

By working with Courtney, her clients will receive a forward-thinking strategist with creative marketing ideas and fierce negotiation skills. Her clients will achieve their goals without compromising their most critical needs and desires. Courtney believes each real estate transaction should not only fit the current needs of her clients but should prove to be a good investment for the future.

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