Chris M. Vinci

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Chris M. Vinci

Real Estate Professional

Still after 19 years in real estate and over 370 successful transactions, nothing gets me more excited than solving people's problems around buying or selling a home. Your happiness IS what matters to me! One of the first things my clients say they appreciate about me is my expertise in Denver Foothills living. Nothing beats local knowledge about the stunning local terrain and the challenges that come with it. Mountains and views and fresh air, yes, but also easements and septic and wells, oh my! People say they appreciate that I am upfront and straightforward about giving them detailed information, and tireless about finding the exact right home for their family and lifestyle. My Sellers say they love my can-do, upbeat attitude about the inevitable bumps and glitches that arise during a real estate transaction. They appreciate how I guide them through the decision-making process, advocate for them during negotiations, and navigate them through reams of paperwork. They say I keep them calm when things get stressful, and that I stay positive, and find creative solutions when issues arise. Someone once said I have a 'fighter-pilot' mentality around deals. He meant that I had creative intense focus. I love being a resource for my clients, neighbors, and friends. Sure, I know a deck guy, here's his number. Plumber? Got one. Electrician? I know the best one in town. I look forward to becoming your go to resource for all things real estate. can also find me on the tennis court and golf course. Let me know if you play!

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