Cathy Fugazy

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Cathy Fugazy

Associate Real Estate Broker

With 28 years of deal-making success and a reputation for trustworthiness, Cathy Fugazy is the consummate real estate professional. A lifelong resident of Larchmont and a mother of three, Cathy is recognized throughout the Sound Shore as the "go-to" person for bringing each transaction to a successful conclusion.

While some say the first rule of real estate is "location, location, location," Cathy believes it is "listen, listen, listen." Buyers and sellers alike value Cathy's keen ability to patiently listen and clearly understand their specific needs.

Cathy comes to the real estate field after a long and accomplished career in fashion where she served in both marketing and sales positions. Her eye for design and flair for decorating are unique talents Cathy brings to her role as a realtor. In an era where "staging" can mean the difference between making or losing a sale, sellers value and capitalize on Cathy's creative skills.

Over the years, Cathy has served as president of the Larchmont Assembly, has received Outstanding Awards from MLS and is currently active with Larchmont Friends of the Family.

Cathy's mission is to help families find their dream home and adjust to a new and vibrant community. Cathy has the confidence, skills and drive to professionally and properly close the deal.

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