Calley Erickson

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Calley Erickson

Real Estate Professional

Calley Erickson became interested in Real Estate at a very young age working with his Dad, who is a custom home builder. He became fascinated with homes and other spaces we live our lives in. This flowed into other passions, exploring the world, volunteering in his community, and many of his first jobs. Spending 10 years working in not-for-profit with an organization offering summer camp experiences for kids across Western Canada, Calley was involved with the development of the buildings and land of different camps and he continued to see how our physical spaces create the life we want to live. This passion found a creative outlet in the start of his first business venture - Unique Building Solutions - a home building company creating interesting spaces. With experience and opportunities, Calley expanded his portfolio with a land development company, Aspen Grove Developments. Here he began creating multi-family complexes and really started to lean into learning more and more about our physical spaces. All of these experiences lead Calley into him becoming a Realtor, a job that he absolutely loves.

With many years of building and development experience, Calley has extensive knowledge about the structure of homes. He also has an eye for design and possibilities. He can see how homes can be remodeled, or developed to meet the needs of the clients. This knowledge of building is invaluable when people are making one of the most important financial decisions of their lives - buying a home.

Lately, Calley loves to be involved in community development and working with our neighbours to make the spaces we live, play, and work as amazing as possible. Calley has a passion for knowing not only the ins and outs of our houses but also the parks, schools, playgrounds, and businesses that fill our community and how they impact our lives. Calley will bring a passion to your home search that will fill you with excitement and see you move into not only a beautiful home but a gorgeous community!

When involved in selling your home, Calley’s work ethic and determination will be evident in your great experience. He aims to bring the highest level of service and takes an all-inclusive approach to make your home selling needs as easy as possible. Being involved as an agent, he brings a calm presence with strong negotiating skills in every deal he is part of.

For the investor and business client, Calley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience by looking at the financial possibilities that exist in every investment. Because of his own investment, he can also pitch sales with a slant to investors - and help this type of client buy with their parameters at the front of his research.

Most of all you will find Calley cares about you and working for your best interests!

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