Briana Barksdale

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Briana Barksdale

Real Estate Professional

Briana Barksdale was born and raised in North Carolina. She is a mother to a 4-year-old boy and loves all things business.

She graduated from The Los Angeles Film School with a bachelor’s degree in Science- Entertainment Business. Aside from her background in Broadcasting and Media, she has proven that the Real Estate and Finance industry will be her pillar to success.

After achieving over a Million dollars in Real Estate Transactions, she decided to re-establish her brand in the rapidly growing North Alabama market. She moved from Raleigh North Carolina as a Realtor to pursue investing in the Northern Alabama market as well as becoming a Reciprocal broker. She is able to service both North Carolina and Alabama markets.

In her spare time, she enjoys family, traveling, fishing and working on her other businesses.

Her daily motivation of success comes from being a mom and her motto of being a Goal Digger, “One Day Closer to our Dreams' with a burning desire to help each person she encounters to achieve their personal goals.

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