Barbara Helms

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Barbara Helms

Licensed Salesperson

Barbara Helms feels like she's seen it all when it comes to real estate. And perhaps she has, (just ask what she once found in a Park Avenue freezer), but she will also be the first to say that every deal is unique. And in each instance, Barbara relishes the opportunity to be dynamic. In opposite but equal parts, she is the agent who loves presenting a comprehensive marketing strategy and donning work gloves to facilitate the landscaping and staging before a home goes to market.

With over 15 years' experience and a marketing degree from Indiana University, Barbara is known for handling each transaction with the utmost professionalism and presentation. Her Midwestern persona is immediately disarming, and her knowledge and organizational acumen is impressive to anyone she encounters. In this seemingly more transparent real estate world, Barbara's expertise cuts through the noise, focuses on what's pertinent, and offers real insight... and she does it with style.

Barbara enjoys singing and playing guitar (as a way of keeping her hand in a previous life in theater), surfing, snowboarding, and running. She is also very happy to be able to contribute to some of her favorite charitable organizations including the ASPCA and Doctors Without Borders.

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